Terms And Conditions

What does the website fiveleafsystem.com provide?

The Five-Leaf System website provides information on the eco-friendly nature of hotels. The purpose is to provide information for potential travellers and to raise awareness among hoteliers about eco-issues. 

Is it important to read the Terms of Use?

Yes. We advise you to read the information below very carefully. Use of the website is governed by the terms and conditions detailed here. We also advise you that if the terms and conditions are in any way unacceptable to you, you should not use the website. Please also refer frequently to this information. It may be revised or updated at any time.

What are the responsibilities of Five-Leaf System in terms of hotel eco-standards?

Our responsibility as a service provider is to give you the best possible indications on our special interest – eco-friendly hotels. We are not responsible for any discrepancies between what we indicate (based on hoteliers’ assessments and the GreenGauge barometer). The hotels supplying us with information are responsible for how accurate, correct and complete that information is. We expect that increasing use of our website will lead to ever more precise assessment of hotels and their policies.
We trust that on your side, you will provide true and accurate information about yourself; you will be as honest as you can in your assessment of the eco-performance of the hotels where you stay; you will not use the contents of this website for any purpose other than to learn about the hotels registered; and you will not copy any part of this website for commercial purposes without written agreement from the owners of Five-Leaf System.

What are my rights in terms of privacy?

We recommend that you read the information under Privacy policy. Just click on the link to view.

What happens if I disagree with any information provided by Five-Leaf System or by any hotel where I stay?

You are free to write to us with your comments and you can, of course, use all the other means legally at your disposal for expressing your opinion. We are not, however, responsible for the hotel service.

What are the charges for using information on www.fiveleafsystem.com?

Consulting the website is absolutely free. Hotels also pay nothing for being on our list of member hotels. Individual hotels may pay for advertising but this will be presented to you through their entry on the membership list or if they are profiled as a “Green Light hotel”. Hotel booking links may be found on non-advertising pages, for instance in articles on specific hotels and green policies. There is an advertising section for hotel suppliers, reached through links in the Eco-concern section of the site. 

What are the responsibilities of Five-Leaf System in terms of its advertisers?

Five-Leaf System follows the standards set down for the UK by the Advertising Standards Authority. It is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided by the advertiser.

Can hotel reservations be made through Five-Leaf System?

Yes. There may be booking links on the pages where the members of Five-Leaf System are listed. However, the responsibilities involved in bookings are between the would-be guest or guests and the hotel concerned.

Is Five-Leaf liable for any damage or losses occurring as a result of using any information found on its website?

Neither Five-Leaf System as a brand nor any of the directors or employees working for it are liable for any damage or losses, any inaccuracy in descriptions relating to hotels or services, any losses or negligence that can be attributed to the hotel (its owners, managers or employees) or any cancellations, force majeur or other event beyond our control. This includes any agreement between hoteliers or individuals and suppliers resulting from contacts or links established through this site.

Are there any other points the user should know?

Yes, there are. Firstly, all the software used for the site is the intellectual property right of Five-Leaf System, as are the trademarks and devices used. They cannot be reproduced without written permission from the owners.
Secondly, Five-Leaf System reserves the right in our sole discretion to change, edit or delete any documents, information or other content appearing on the Site. We cannot accept images advertising hotels if they show anything likely to cause offence, following the UK and other Codes of Advertising Practice.
Thirdly, these Terms and Conditions were written in English, and the translation into other languages may result in some discrepancies. Wherever this happens, the English version prevails. 
The company owning the site is registered in Portugal, and the provision of its services is governed by Portuguese and European community law.